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I’m sure you’ve been wondering where Madrone has been hiding. She’s still around, just a little cranky.

For about the past month, she has refused to come upstairs, even if we lavished attention on her. She was no longer confined to the pet tent, but she was monitored. When she was brought upstairs, she simply ran toward the basement door.

Today, though, she followed me upstairs after I went down for a visit. I left the basement door open to see what would happen. She sat in the doorway, even refusing to hiss at Grant when he came close. 

Progress! You can’t imagine how much this made me happy.

We left the door open and came into the living room. There was one incident when Katniss went downstairs into Madrone’s lair. We saw a white blur as Katniss ran past with Madrone bringing up the rear, tail fluffed out and ears flattened. Katniss was uninjured, but she certainly got a little lesson in bigger cats tonight.

So there is good news in catland. Maybe we’ll be one big happy family soon enough.