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For a little dog that has just about everything, Anakin is certainly a moody dog. As you can see above, he is snuggled most every day in multiple blankies with his friend, Lambie. He also has his Halloween shirt to keep him extra warm. And yet life is depressing. Grumpy Cat has nothing on Anakin.

Our handsome little guy with his new haircut. 

(via catsncats)

Anakin loves his new bed.

Mirror Mirror - Simon’s Cat (by simonscat)

It’s a dog’s life! Can you spot the doggy among the blankets?

(via catsncats)

I have learned that some cats like to call out to you. A lot. I’ll admit that I indulge our little Katniss, and this is most likely the reason behind much of the behavior. Too, as the baby of the family, she is not often scolded for her actions. Still, this little girl wants to know my location at all times and will use any means necessary to get my attention.

If she is scouting for prey in another room, for instance, she will sometimes become scared and will meow loudly with a very worried tone. This is her “I’m scared, Mommy!” meow. When I appear, she is instantly satisfied and will begin again her activities. If I don’t reassure her, though, she will simply meow louder and in an even more agitated voice.

Too she will often seek attention, even if it is bad attention. When I am occupied elsewhere in the house, I will hear her meow, and I know she is up to trouble. She likes to do something bad mainly because she can pull us away from what we are doing to focus on her. In the picture above, you will see that she is perched on an unstable bookcase; she doesn’t do anything up there but meow for attention. When we appear to scold her, she happily jumps down and continues playing.

For this cat lady, I can definitely see that cats are good at gaining your attention in whatever way possible.